Month: September 2012


I did very well my first day in driver’s education. In fact, the instructor asked me, at age 15, whether I drove often. Actually I hadn’t driven much at all in my life up to that point. I learned to drive mostly by observing my father behind the wheel. He drove professionally and in fact drove for Greyhound for several years. By pure observation I learned to handle a car and the small nuances that accompany driving well enough that a driving instructor assumed I was experienced.


This past week I was at a hunger symposium with a bunch of famous do-gooders. The keynote speaker referenced a commonly known (and empirically verified) phenomenon: poor people are the most religious among us, on average. Strange because I was always taught in church that God is the author of blessing (material blessing- don’t get deep and throw up inner peace etc.). Further, if God has the power to bless and serves as arbiter of the flow of blessings, logically God would choose first to bless those most pleasing to God. So then, why are the poor- the most religious- the least “blessed” in this life?


In the past 18 months I’ve encountered four perfect women, such as I’d never encountered before. Strange because perfection is not possible with respect to humanity. Yet perfection can exist within the context of imperfection. Surrounded by their human imperfections, these four women possessed perfection to an extreme degree. May I tell you about them?