Month: November 2012

eternal love  triangle - two handsome men and a pretty girl

If I’ve ever been in love, it happened once (I even wrote this blog about her). In short, I wanted to be her husband. Never felt that way before her, can’t say that I’ve truly had such a conviction since. The problem was that she had a child and although I tried, I could never quite adjust myself to an instant family and the “other” guy that came along with it- the child’s father.


A friend recently told me that she’s hesitant to buy a house now, even at 29. Her reasoning? She’s unmarried and sure that when she does marry no man would want to move into a home that was “hers” and not “his” or “theirs”. As a guy, I actually understand her point somewhat. As a thinking person, however, I’d beg her to reconsider.


I will never forget the night of November 4th 2008. I watched the election results with one of my best friends, a buddy I met in seminary. I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, having recently dropped out of my Ph.D. program in Boston. It was a low time in my life but the moment Ohio was called for Obama, all was joyous. Having grown up fully aware of the reality of racism in America, I was witnessing the unthinkable- a black family would be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


When I was a student at The Ohio State University, I couldn’t help but notice one particular building on campus: The Wexner Center for the Arts. It was new, shiny and prominent on the sprawling campus. As a self-proclaimed dork, I was curious as to how the building got its name, Wexner. Turns out a very influential alum, Leslie Wexner, was a major donor to the project. Mr. Wexner started a store in 1963 called ‘The Limited’. Today The Limited is a conglomerate that includes, among others, Victoria’s Secret. Not only is Wexner a legendary businessman but he is also among the highest donors to Mitt Romney’s super Pac, “Restore Our Future”.