Month: December 2012


It has almost become predictable in our national life that some suburban, relatively well to do (and white) community will be stunned by a mass murder of some sort. Typically, the victims are children- think Columbine or other school shootings in our past. Predictably, the reactions are prayers, tears and outrage that children could be the target of such senseless violence.

Afraid To Be Me

By Hopewell

This is not the blog I originally intended to write. Truth is, there was a completely different topic I wanted to write about but I didn’t. Why? Well, if I should do that, people might know the real me. I’m afraid of that. If I gave my true thoughts, real fears and actual perceptions, perhaps people wouldn’t like me. Maybe people would punish me for being honest. That tends to happen far too much in our world.


This past weekend I traveled for a mini-reunion with some guys from undergrad- THE Ohio State University. Back in college, we attended an all-male Bible study together. In some ways it felt like a Tyler Perry movie. Here we were, years removed from daily interaction as college kids. Some now married, some on hard times, others making major moves but all with our own story of evolution: we’re men now.