Month: August 2015


Megyn Kelly of Fox News recently demanded┬áCornel West explain why #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t protest “black on black” violence. After all, far more blacks kill each other than police do. Megyn is not alone. Many others, including several black “leaders” have raised the same battle cry. The real issue is not police violence but that Negroes are simply pathological killers, determined to do harm to each other…right?

** Archival Photo Courtesy of The Denver Public Library ** 
[Original Caption] Civil rights activists march with political leaders, including Denver mayor Wellington Webb and Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, center, during a parade through Denver marking Martin Luther King Day in 1990. 

(Photo courtesy The Denver Public Library)

I was excited to see the movie Selma when it came out. Popcorn in hand, I sat down and anxiously waited for the endless previews to conclude. The movie was brilliant. I was moved by the meticulous attention to detail and the powerful narratives of suffering and triumph. As I continued to watch, however, I became disturbed. Many of the themes and challenges portrayed in the movie were identical to those we wrestle with today.