Month: November 2015


I’m angry. Tragedy has touched Paris and now Mali this week but I must confess that the root of my anger is not those attacks. I’m angry because international terror now directly impacts me. I work, more or less, across the street from the White House: the newest target announced by Isis. Daily, I take a subway train into work, mindful that the subways in London, Tokyo and Madrid have all been attacked in my lifetime. This is real for me and I’m angry about it.


Unless you live under a rock, you know that Tim Wolfe stepped down as President of Mizzou this week. You know the details, I’ll spare you. We’ve heard much about the lessons from Mizzou: the collective power of black athletes for social change, the value of solidarity among races within a struggle and so on. There are, however, a few lessons that we didn’t quite catch from this latest racial happening. Full disclosure: I’m saving the best for last.

black votes matter

The Democrats hosted their first candidate debate on October 13th and until today, I hadn’t watched it. Why? I sort of already knew the script. I could have told you that we’d hear about guns, commitment to LGBT rights, the middle class and perhaps “Black Lives” mixed in somewhere. That’s about what happened. The message I received was pretty straightforward: the only test acknowledged this cycle for securing black votes is the ability to recite a hashtag. After that, candidates need only return to the business of white affairs and they knew it.