About me


Washington DC,
United States

I hate oppression and injustice. I believe women are the crown of all creation. I'm a dork who loves history and listens to lectures for fun. Seriously. Hopewell Thought is simply that: what Hopewell (me) is thinking. My writing is from a clear, black perspective, bringing clarity to current events especially by understanding the past. I hope to dig beyond the dominant narratives in mainstream media and also, through my writing, help the oppressed see pathways to power.

Professionally, I am a strategist who specializes in corporate social responsibility, persuasion and political outreach strategies. My work in politics has been instrumental in passing historic LGBT rights legislation, combating childhood hunger, enhancing retirement security and a variety of other progressive causes. I am a dynamic public speaker and sometimes contributor to various media outlets. Please contact me for speaking engagements, political and social commentary or if you'd just like to argue with me about anything I've written.