Supreme Court

UNITED STATES - October 5: The American flag flies at half staff in honor of the school shooting at Umpqua Community College last week in Roseburg, Ore., in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, on Monday, October 5, 2015. (Photo By Al Drago/CQ Roll Call)

The movie “Lean on Me” has a powerful, yet underrated scene in which Principal Joe Clark is reprimanded by his superior to which he responds, “We are being crucified by a process that is turning black into a permanent underclass!” That’s heavy stuff. Joe Clark’s sobering prediction is not well remembered in the film and not considered seriously enough, especially when we discuss political priorities. That’s precisely what I thought about when someone complained to me that President Obama hadn’t nominated a black person for the Supreme Court.


No shade to the University of Texas but you’re not the Ivy League. Sorry, not sorry. The Ivy League opens doors. The Ivy League confers privilege and prestige. America has hundreds of colleges and yet the eight Ivy League schools have produced nearly 35% of our forty four presidents. Wow. With that much opportunity to be had, the competition is fierce: Harvard and Columbia accept less than 7% of all applicants.