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“I don’t like to predict violence, but if nothing is done between now and June to raise ghetto hope, I feel this summer will not only be as bad but worse than last year.”

Those were Dr. King’s words in March 1968. That summer, his prediction materialized as Baltimoreans, frustrated with poor housing, unemployment and discrimination took to the streets.


Recently I came across two interesting facts cited in the Washington Post. In the first place, in the past decade alone, Washington, DC has lost more than half of its affordable housing- more than half in one decade alone! Second, 60% of the jobs lost during the “Great Recession” were middle income jobs. That is, jobs paying between $13.83 and $21.13 hourly. Of the recovery jobs, 58% have been low income jobs. When we consider these dynamics collectively, what are we to understand? Are individuals being made poor and helpless by design?