Tag: Police Brutality

Smart tv and hand pressing remote control

Food, Inc” is an amazing documentary that will scare the hell out of you. It examines our food system and how unhealthy our food truly is. After watching it I only ate grass and tree-bark the next three days. But since that time I have frequented many drive-thru windows. Why? Simply because I did not continue watching “Food, Inc” each day afterward. How fearful would we be of fast food if we watched that film daily? Fear is an animal which can only live if fed. Fear of black men lives on because the nation watches the equivalent of “Food, Inc” daily, only the subject is not food but black males–call it “Black Man, Inc.” We have been conditioned each and every day by the media to fear our darker brother and that “we” includes the police who always “fear for their lives” when shooting black men, even if unarmed.


Philando Castile was shot dead not long after Alton Sterling. I’m angry but not towards white people or the millions that will (predictably) justify murdering these two men. I’m angry because black people are not angry enough to make a change. Our anger is sufficient to vent on social media and perhaps protest, although deep down we know it won’t change a damn thing. But are we angry enough to sacrifice and radically alter our lives for freedom? Are we angry enough that every move we make and dollar we spend will be toward black power? If not, shut the hell up and go back to watching Hulu.


I hope you aren’t raped or shot today. There’s a good chance the police won’t have your back. Fifty years ago there was a likelihood of over 90 percent that a murder would lead to an arrest and despite tremendous advances in technology, today there’s a one in three chance that your case will go unsolved (and much worse in communities of color). The police are no better at solving rapes than in the 1970’s: there’s only a 24 percent chance that an arrest will be made. We spend more than $100 billion annually on police and this is the return. More alarming, in the month of March 2015, American police killed more citizens than police in the UK have since 1900. Cops aren’t solving crimes and making us safe but they are chasing nonsense and doing plenty of shooting. This is what the War on Drugs has wrought.


My ex-girlfriend liked to drink- a lot. At first, I would get so angry when a perfectly good evening was ruined by her getting sloppy drunk. I became outraged when I’d have to stop the car while she vomited. It was enraging. After each incident, an argument would ensue and a lot of emotional energy was spent. One day I finally wised up. I realized that this was the person she chose to be and if that didn’t work for me, I needed to distance myself from her or at least her drinking.